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The only cycle campaign group in Littlehampton!

LCAG have a desire to see the town linked up with cycle routes where people want, or need, to go. The beach, swimming centre, schools, shopping precinct, Harbour Park, retail areas, parks and recreation areas all need to have access for people who cycle. Of course, the town has many employers too, so we need safe routes to working areas.

The National Cycle Network Route 2 is planned to run through the town, on its route from Dover, in Kent, to St Austell, in Cornwall. The promenade is hoped to be the preferred link across town. With the South Downs Way just a few miles to the north, these 2 routes need connecting, and the river may be the way to do this.

A north-south route along the west bank of the Arun would give Littlehampton residents a great way to access the countryside on a traffic-free route, and take advantage of a natural, and underused resource - the land around the river road bridge, near Tesco. Perhaps even another 'open space' could be created for relaxation, and recreation.

What difference can we make?

We submitted plans toward the Waterfront Strategy, had involvement with Southern Trains, and have an active voice with the political parties.  A local voice needs to be heard, and we believe we represent the Littlehampton cyclists voice - come and join us!

Look here at BIKELY for details of a 5 mile Parks Ride, but you can't cycle all the way round it yet....!

This is the kind of route which in itself, perhaps, is only useful for a family ride around the Town, but the links which it provides are fundamental to beginnig to achieve a real change to make a useable network of safe routes in Littlehampton.

Could YOU feel strongly enough to help us...? Email or Join us at Yahoo!

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