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LCAG is a group of cycling enthusiasts, who are campaigning to increase the number of safe routes within the Town, and around the area. We've noticed that some cycle lanes end in some very unlikely places, and there are other places where none exist!

We'd like the Council to follow the lead of Brighton and Hove, Worthing, and many other seaside towns, to involve people in a health giving, safe, fun and carbon friendly hobby.

Cycling is a fantastic way of staying healthy, as noted in many reports. The route between the Town, and Littlehampton Swimming and Sports Centre, along the promenade is one such wonderful route, we think it's incumbent on the Council to encourage increasing numbers of people to use this method of transport. They have a duty to reduce the carbon footprint produced by residents and achieve a more sustainable transport policy - indeed, it's something we should all be looking to do. Safe cycling is a great way to vastly reduce pollution, and at the same time allow a greater level of fitness to the individual. It's FUN too!

Current planning regulation requires new building plans to invest money into the community, for the benefit of the community, and cycle routes have been increased by utilising some of this investment. The most recent, is the extension of the cycle route between Highdown Drive and Joyce Close, soon to be completed. This, of course, will be good for the residents of Wick, who will be able to safely negotiate their way to Watersmead Park, Brookfield Park, Rosemead Park, and Town, as well as allowing some degree of increased safety for children cycling to The Littlehampton Academy.

This website has links to our Policy, Plans and Desires, things we try to get involved with, Reports to WSCC and others we have filed, and details of any events which may be forthcoming.

We support West Sussex County Council, Littlehampton Town Council, and Arun District Council in their endeavors with cycle routes, but feel that much more could be done to join up the routes, and make Littlehampton a great place to cycle.

Please, consider joining our group - click the tab on the lower left corner to Email us, or join in at our Yahoo forum by clicking the Link button..!

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