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Local news

WSCC have published proposals for an extension to the Route around the North of the Town, along Eldon Way - Arndale Road - Lineside Way, and then under the rail bridge to Broad Piece. details are available on the "Link" page to the WSCC forum, or, Direct Link here

Work stared...!t...! The shared use cycle facility between Highdown Drive and Joyce Close is under construction..! Due for completion in February 2010. It would be good to see the NEXT section, Joyce Close to Eldon Way completed too...!

National News

Government Announces 10 million Cycling Investment...!

Sadiq Khan, DfT Transport Minister, announces investment for Cycling linked here! and, in December, is to announce plans for Local authoriites to have a greater focus on cycling, and walking!
Just in time for a General Election then!

Lets hope that these plans are based on a sound, and easily understood, foundation, so that the next Governmant can continue them!

International News

December 7th 2009 sees 192 governments meet in COPENHAGEN, with the sole objective of agreeinga global effort to decrease CO2 emmisions. It's suported by all the UK mainstream political parties, and we support all interested parties to do what ever it takes to agree to some meaningful figures.
You can sign up to the worldwide petition which will be presented to all the involved members.

HOPENHAGEN is the website,and it also is the link! GO ON SIGN THE PETITION...!

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